YouTube Vanced shuts down “for legal reasons”

The popular Vanced YouTube app is about to be discontinued. The creators of Vanced have revealed that the project will be shut down in the coming days and download links are set to be removed. Although the app will continue to work for anyone who currently has it installed on Android, it will probably soon stop working at some point with no future updates. Vanced owners say they have had to cancel the project “due to legal reasons.”

Vanced is a popular third-party YouTube app for Android, especially because it allows YouTube users to block all video ads on YouTube without a Premium subscription. Vanced also includes a true black theme and customizations not offered in the official YouTube to Android app.

It’s not immediately clear if Google was involved in the Vanced interruption, but it is highly likely. Google-owned YouTube forced two popular Discord music bots offline last year before testing ad-supported YouTube integration in Discord just weeks later. The popular Rythm and Groovy Discord music bots also avoided ads on the service, allowing Discord users to listen to music together.

“Vanced is out,” one reads Telegram message from the Vanced owners. “We know it’s not something you wanted to hear, but it’s something we need to do.” We have contacted Google to comment on the termination of Vanced and we will update you accordingly.


Vanced has been discontinued. In the coming days, the download links will be removed. The Discord server, Telegram chat and subreddit remain for the time being. We know it’s not something you wanted to hear, but it’s something we had to do. We would like to thank you all for your support over the years.

Edit (1): The existing version will continue to work.
Edit (2): This was done for legal reasons. “

Updated: March 14, 2022 — 12:06 am

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