Final review of E3000C and E1000C Audio wired headphones: Japanese audiophile engineering for everyone

The introduction of high-resolution sound at Apple Music in 2021 boosted the already active audiophile movement and increased interest in budget-friendly audiophile kits such as headphones and digital-to-analog converters. Although there are plenty of options available in India for under Rs. 5,000, many of these products originate in China. This is how the products I review today stand out; Final Audio is a Japanese brand known for audiophile-quality headphones and earphones, covering a wide range of prices, from affordable, budget-friendly to ultra-premium models.

For now, I will focus on the accessible part of its range, with Final Audio E1000C and E3000C. The price is Rs. 1999 and Rs. 3,999, respectively, E1000C and E3000C both have 3.5 mm connectivity, with remote controls and microphones in line. Although still made in China, are these affordable headphones designed in Japan a good way to start your audiophile journey? Find out in this review.

Final Audio E1000c E3000c Final Audio Review

Final Audio The E1000C (below) has plastic cases, while the E3000C (above) has several premium metal cases.

Compact and comfortable design on Final Audio E1000C and E3000C

Final Audio is not really a mainstream brand, given its focus on audiophile products. It is available in India only through Headphone Zone, which serves as a distributor in the country. Although the company’s product range is large and covers different price segments, these affordable in-ear monitors have a standard, simple look and feel. Final Audio E1000C and E3000C have equally thin and cylindrical headphone jacks and both have a channel fit. Silicone tips of different sizes are included in each box.

While the more affordable Final Audio E1000C has plastic headphone cases and a closed-back design, the E3000C has much nicer metal cases with grilles to allow for a slightly open design. The “C” variants have in-line remote controls and microphones, but you can also buy standard E1000 or E3000 headphones that don’t have them. Both headphones weigh around 15 g, despite the differences in materials used.

The Final Audio E3000C and E1000C headphones are both powered by 6.4mm dynamic drivers, but the setting is different for the two. The headphones are light and comfortable, but there is a noise of cable from the upper halves of the rubber jacket of both headphones. The headphones also have what Final Audio refers to as a “swing fastener”, which means that the included eartips can move easily while attached to the headphones. This allows for a bit of flexibility while wearing headphones, for a more precise and precise fit.

Unlike some audiophile-quality in-ear (IEM) monitors in this price range, such as the KZ ZSN Pro X, the cables on the E3000C and E1000C are fixed and cannot be replaced or replaced, which is a bit of a hassle. disadvantage. Final Audio E1000C and E3000C are both low impedance wired headphones rated at 16 ohms and can be easily operated by any basic source device with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

final audio e1000c e3000c reviews logo Final Audio

The cables are attached to both headphones and cannot be replaced, as is the case with audiophile IEMs at similar prices.

Final Audio E3000C is better tuned and sounds fun, while the E1000C offers a decent low-budget perspective

Despite many smartphones, including affordable models, giving up the 3.5mm headphone jack, shoppers who buy premium wired headphones and earphones today often do so for a superior listening experience. This is the kind of buyer that Final Audio hopes to attract with the E3000C. The E1000C, on the other hand, could also attract casual listeners.

For my review, I used both pairs of headphones with one Shanling UA2 Portable DAC, connected to MacBook Air and also to OnePlus 9. We had high-resolution audio from Apple Music in both cases and treated both headphones as audiophile-friendly options.

The sound signature of the Final Audio E3000C is a little more fun, apart from the audible upper setting, which naturally makes it sound much better on these two headphones. With a good source device and high resolution audio content, the Final Audio E3000C has created a clean, detailed and sharp sound, which has also been very precise and tight when it comes to bass.

final audio e1000c e3000c review 3kc Final Audio

Final Audio E3000C offers a pleasant and fun sound with excellent levels of detail

Sofi Tukker’s Purple Hat felt strong, but never excessive, while the interesting and varied voices sounded just as fun. The level of detail provided here was the most important; wired connectivity and excellent headphone tuning for sound quality that no wireless headset can match. The E3000C also managed to keep up with the most crowded and varied tracks, such as Aerodynamic (Daft Punk remix), allowing you to hear everything from the core to the weakest elements, with accuracy and detail. special.

Final Audio E1000C is much more affordable and sounds quite different, with a more balanced sound signature and less attention to detail. Although decent for the price, I felt that the E1000C was not as refined and accurate as the KZ ZSN Pro X, with which it is positioned to compete. The sound felt a little louder, with higher and higher mids stronger and lower that didn’t hit as effectively. The E3000C features the more efficient KZ ZSN Pro X in terms of audio quality, although it costs a bit more.

Final Audio E3000C and E1000C both have built-in microphones and can be used as hands-free headphones. Although it’s nice to have this feature and I found the performance of the microphone to be acceptable for video calls on my computer, these headphones are designed for listening to music and are best used for it.


The varied portfolio of Final Audio headphones and earphones covers a wide range of prices. The E1000C and E3000C offer buyers the chance to enjoy the premium design and engineering of the brand without spending huge sums of money. The E3000C in particular is interesting for several reasons, including its design, pleasant sound and excellent level of detail. While the fixed cable is a bit disappointing, this headset would be good for anyone looking for a quick and easy start in the audiophile space, especially if you have a good entry-level DAC for it.

The E1000C was less interesting, with a sound quality that did not rise in price. Other audiophile headphones at prices below Rs. 2,000 generally offers better performance, although the balanced sound of the E1000C may appeal to some listeners.

That being said, those who are just looking for a music listening experience may also want to consider the Final Audio E3000 and E1000, which cost a little less because they don’t have built-in microphones and remote controls.

Updated: March 14, 2022 — 11:14 am

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