Realme Dizo Wireless Neckband Bluetooth Headset Review: Wireless Frills Listening

Competitive pricing is often the key to success in the Indian consumer electronics space, and Realme has often been right, especially for its audio accessories and products. The company has now taken a step further, making prices even more attractive through its spinoff from the Realme TechLife ecosystem, Dizo. This new company quickly launched a lot of affordable audio and wearable products in India, including the Dizo Wireless neckband headphones I have reviewed here.

The price is Rs. 1,099 in India, Dizo Wireless is similar to the recently released Realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo, but is slightly lower priced. This is a simple wireless headset with a few features beyond the basics of Bluetooth connectivity, but it promises good sound at a low price. Is this the best affordable wireless headset you can buy right now? Find out in this review.

dizo wireless review principal Dizo Realme

Dizo Wireless has a magnetic power control; the headset is turned on when the headset is separated

Dizo Wireless works with the Realme Link app

Dizo is part of the Realme TechLife ecosystem and seems to borrow a lot from its parent company when it comes to design, components and features. Dizo Wireless looks very similar to Realme Buds Wireless 2 and is really practically identical to Realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo when it comes to specifications and features.

The headphones have a flexible rubber band around the neck, two modules at each end and short cables leading to the headphones. A magnetic power switch allows you to turn Dizo Wireless on and off when you separate or lock the headphones together. The volume and playback controls and the USB Type-C charging port are on the module on the right, while the one on the left has a simple Dizo logo printed on the outside. Although the magnetic power switch sounds convenient, the headphones are prone to accidental separation when this headset is stored in a bag or purse, which will start it and lose energy.

Like most neckband headphones, Dizo Wireless has a channel fit, providing adequate noise insulation. I found it comfortable to wear, although the short wires occasionally brushed my face as I moved, which was a little annoying. There are two additional pairs of silicone ear tips of different sizes included in the box for a customizable fit. You also get a short USB A to C type charging cable.

Dizo Wireless has 11.2mm dynamic drivers, a 20-20,000 Hz frequency response range, Bluetooth 5 for connectivity and support for the SBC Bluetooth codec only. There is ambient noise cancellation for better voice answering. The device is rated IPX4 for water resistance.

This headset works with the Realme Link application, which allows various customization options, including equalizer mode selection, game mode switching, and customization of controls. Usefully, you can activate a shortcut to enable the default voice assistant on your smartphone, turn on or off the 88 ms low latency mode for games, or quickly switch between the two most recently paired devices. It is worth noting here that Dizo Wireless is only supported on the Realme Link app for Android; The headset could not be detected by the iOS app at the time of review.

Dizo Realme dizo wireless review headphones

Dizo Wireless has 11.2 mm dynamic drivers

Dizo Wireless’s battery life is decent enough for the price; operated for about ten hours with a single charge for music and calls, with volume at moderate levels. There is a fast charge for the 150 mAh battery, with a ten minute charge that gives two hours of listening time. It takes two hours to fully charge.

Acceptable sound quality, no biphone listening on Dizo Wireless

In addition to the benefits of support for applications and features such as low latency mode and fast switching between paired devices, Dizo Wireless focuses on the basics when it comes to sound. Although it can only use the SBC Bluetooth codec, this headset supports Bluetooth 5, which ensures good connection stability, and the adjustment is as good as you would expect from a wireless headset in this price segment.

I had Dizo Wireless connected to my iPhone for much of this review, and I used Apple Music to listen to music. Since Mylo’s Drop The Pressure, the first thing I noticed in the sound signature was a low-level prejudice. The quick beats and the catchy riff of this favorite club song had quite a lot of grunts. Sometimes it felt a little rough on the edges, but it was far from the muddy, unrefined output I heard from most budget wireless headphones. The sound was pleasantly acceptable; nothing exceptional, but completely audible even in long sessions.

dizo wireless review controls Dizo Realme

There are basic controls for playback and volume on the neck band of Dizo Wireless

Switching to the optimistic and detailed Sunny from Boney M, the sound felt a little boring and lacked detail and clarity. The low-end prejudices didn’t interfere too much with the rest of this song, and the band’s famous voice rightly led. However, Dizo Wireless works best in high-pitched songs. Listening to Hold On (Sub Focus Remix) by Rusko allowed him to focus on aggression and lead in this dubstep track.

Considering all this, there are not many details to hear on Dizo Wireless headphones. The SBC Bluetooth codec and setting hold it up quite a bit. However, given its price and the typical tastes of mainstream buyers, low-end biases and a focus on voice communication are reasonable.

Dizo Wireless has ambient noise cancellation for voice calls, and we really had a good time using these headphones to conduct conversations. The sound quality was decent on both ends of the calls, and the headphones were powerful and easy to use both indoors and outdoors. The low latency mode seems to reduce the audio delay during the game a bit (at the cost of a slight decrease in sound quality), but it’s not good enough to seriously consider these headphones for competitive multiplayer games, which is a delay. . the difference between (virtual) life and death.


While it’s not great when it comes to sound quality, the Dizo Wireless Bluetooth Headset doesn’t sound too bad either. Where it stands out is through the features offered; with stable connectivity, ambient noise cancellation, application support, fast switching, and low latency mode, this is a well-equipped pair of wireless headphones. It is helpful that all these are available for only Rs. 1,099, which makes this excellent value for money.

Although there are a lot of options in this segment, including almost identical Realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo, Dizo Wireless is worth considering for the fact that there are a lot of offers at a low price. That being said, spending just a little more would bring you Bluetooth Mi Neckband Pro headphones, which have active noise cancellation.

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Updated: March 13, 2022 — 11:00 pm

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