PUBG New State Hands-On: Futuristic Enough?

PUBG Mobile – one of the most popular mobile games – was banned in India more than a year ago. It has left players and content creators in awe. But as time went on, they had to look for different ways to spend their time in quarantine. Most of them found solace in Call of Duty Mobile – they spent their time playing deadly games and other game modes. All the while, everyone was hoping that PUBG would return one day.

Fast forward to June 2021, when we were greeted with an “Indian” version of PUBG Mobile, called Battlegrounds Mobile India. Because of the ban, Krafton chose to hide the PUBG nickname, it was nowhere to be seen. BGMI, as they call it, was similar to PUBG, but with “Indian” elements. More importantly, it only allowed players to connect to the Indian server, which meant they could not play on global servers. But now it looks like Krafton is ready to reintroduce India to the old good name of PUBG. It just has a new avatar in PUBG: New State. We played a few games and here’s what we do with it.

PUBG: New State first impressions

Announced in February 2021, PUBG: New State was officially released on Thursday – for both Android and iOS devices. The Android package I downloaded from the Google Play Store was 1.4 GB, while the iOS version weighed 1.5 GB. Initially, the game had some server issues. Players failed to get past the loading screen. Although, after a 200 MB update was removed, we were able to log in and access the game.

This time, PUBG: New State allows you to sign in with a Google or Facebook account. The first thing that appears is the character model and the column to record your name. You can customize them as you wish, just like we saw in the previous PUBG and BGMI versions.

pubgnewstate firstlook gadgets360 PUBG New State

The images in PUBG New State look refined
Photo credit: Robin John / Gadgets360

PUBG: New State asks you if you are a beginner, intermediate or expert in battle royale games. In addition, I noticed another prompt that shows you three different game style templates: two fingers, three fingers, and the one most professional players use, four fingers. The user interface of the game feels invigorating and less crowded compared to that of BGMI, the lobby looks cleaner and looks a lot like the PC version of PUBG which was launched in 2017.

The settings panel is almost the same, with a few new options in the graphics menu. Under performance, you can choose between Low, Medium, High, Very High, Ultra, Max and Extreme for frame rates. In terms of graphics, you can choose between Lite, Medium, High, Ultra and Extreme. You can still choose a screen filter, although Daltonic mode is nowhere to be seen. The game allows you to choose a Graphics API: OpenGL ES or Vulkan. There are several additions in the Gameplay section and in PUBG: New State.

Overall, the images look good, especially in the Ultra + Max settings. I tried the game on Realme 6 Pro which could only go to Lite + Max. However, on the iPhone 12, we managed to get Max + Ultra.

PUBG New State Map: Hello Troi

With PUBG: New State, Krafton presented us with a bunch of new maps. Get a new field called Troy and the old Erangel. However, there is a twist, this time Erangel is based on 2051. You also get a Team Deathmatch (TDM) map called Station – this map is currently in beta.

I quickly jumped into a game on the new map, Troi. The usual lobby of the players looks the same with everyone throwing their fists around. In PUBG: New State, you can switch between outfits using the portable wardrobe, something similar to PUBG Mobile.

pubgnewstate firstimpressions three gadgets360 PUBG New State

Bird’s eye view of the plane now shows you the names of the cities
Photo credit: Robin John / Gadgets360

The graphics of the plane look a little refined and, as the plane enters the map, we can see that the names of all the cities are engraved and followed live with the map. It’s a beautiful sight. You can’t confuse two cities now. The new PUBG map: New State has different cities, such as Loganville, Mid Town, Cornwall, Graveyard and so on.

Erangel 2051 in PUBG: New State has no new cities, only a few additions in some places. Jumping from the plane has the same animations – although during landing, unlike BGMI or the first edition of PUBG, the parachute stays on its back and lands with you, which seems more realistic.

PUBG: New State – this feels different

The main theme of PUBG: New State is to show the futuristic vision of the game. And what better tool to present this than cars and bicycles. They’ve implemented some new racing in the game, which includes a sporty-looking bike and a bunch of other-worldly-looking cars.

They also added trams to the map, which is crazy. These trams move along the map and can also be used as a shelter. And if you think this was a surprise, wait until you find out that the cars in this game have autopilot. All this seems a bit exaggerated for a Battle Royale mobile game, but since the theme of PUBG: New State is to keep things futuristic, we’ll play together.

In addition, you can now unload your ammunition and weapons in the trunk of your car if your bag becomes too heavy. Vehicles now also have an engine start / stop switch to save fuel in the game. All the cars in PUBG: New State allow you to open the door and cover yourself behind it whenever you are threatened, a real savior in some situations.

pubgnewstate firstimpressions car gadgets360 PUBG New State

Now you can hide behind a car door when attacked by an enemy
Photo credit: Robin John / Gadgets360

That being said, the weapons are all the same as BGMI and PUBG, except for a few additions, such as a new screw rifle called the DSR-I. The sniper rifle uses 7.62 mm, just like the M24. Next to it, you’ll also see deployable shields that can be used as cover and some new melee in PUBG: New State.

The player’s movements and gameplay are still the same in PUBG: New State, except for minor changes to the hip fire, which has now been switched to shoulder fire. Krafton has also introduced a rolling motion in combat, which could help you move away from your enemy in close combat. To activate this, you can double-tap the squat button in quick succession.

PUBG: New State also brings a heads-up (HUD) display that helps you see the amount of ammo right next to the player’s character. This is very useful during battles, as you don’t have to take a look at the bottom of the screen to keep the ammo under control. You can turn it on or off in settings.

In addition to all these new inclusions, we can see a drone shop. Yes, you can go for a quick shopping session in the middle of all the chaos. Imagine yourself in a situation where you are stuck in a shack without enough ammunition and no medical supplies. Well, what are you doing? Just open the drone shop and order some medical kits and ammunition for yourself. A drone will deliver everything you need to your door. You need “drone credits” to be able to buy items from the store. These credits can be found along the map, similar to ordinary prey.

pubgnewstate firstimpressions dronestore gadgets360png PUBG New State

You can also buy a flame gun from the drone store
Photo credit: Robin John / Gadgets360

You can also buy a light rocket gun from the store – and this time, they brought a new green light rocket gun. This missile gun will allow you to reappear a dead member of the team so that you can continue the battle with little support. The green pistol costs 1,200 credits for the drone in the store.

Unlike BGMI, you can switch between servers in PUBG: New State, because the game is the same for the world. The options are South Asia, Europe, MENA, Asia and America. Yes, PUBG has really returned to India. We don’t play alone anymore. How do you feel about launching PUBG: New State? Tell us in the comments below.

Updated: March 13, 2022 — 9:59 pm

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